How to settle the nurse

How to settle the nurse

At employment by the nurse the preference is given to women with secondary or higher vocational education, without addictions loving children. Positive recommendations and characteristics from the previous places of work have strong impact.

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Get a job through agencies on selection of nurses and governesses in families. Advertizing of such agencies can be found in the newspapers specializing on search and providing work or in the Internet.


Descend in the center of employment. There you have a chance to find work in the state preschool institutions.


Submit the résumé in private labor exchanges. For you will be able to find work of the nurse in private children's gardens day nursery.


Talk to acquaintances. Perhaps, someone from them or their acquaintances need the child nurse. Will be to take them the person of whom well speak in practice more quietly.


Submit announcements of desire to work with the nurse in specialized newspapers.


Place personals of job search on Internet bulletin boards. Submit the résumé in virtual recruitment agencies.