What questions will be considered at the Group of Eight summit 2012

What questions will be considered at the Group of Eight summit 2012

"Group of Eight", or "G8", is informal international club which includes eight countries: Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, Russia, USA, France and Japan. At a meeting of leaders of these states the most actual international problems are discussed. The next summit will take place in the USA on May 18-19, 2012.

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At a meeting of "Group of Eight" of the country official leaders – presidents and heads of governments usually represent them. If the head of the state, for any of several reasons, cannot visit the summit, it is replaced by the second person. At the next meeting Russia will be represented by the prime minister Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev as the president of the country Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin will not take part in the summit in connection with work on formation of the new government. It will meet leaders of other countries in a month, at the summit of "The big twenty".

The agenda of a meeting includes the most topical issues of political and economic security. In particular, the nuclear program of Iran will be discussed. Despite assurances of the president of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about exclusively peaceful character of researches of its country in the field of nuclear power, leaders of "G8" demand from the Islamic republic of more powerful proofs of that she does not try to create the nuclear weapon.

The situation in Syria will be one of the most important questions of the agenda. Despite the parliamentary elections which took place in the country, in the country acts of terrorism still proceed, there are fighting collisions between government troops and insurgents. The USA and their European allies support resignation of the president of Syria Bashar al-Assad. On the other hand, Russia declares inadmissibility of foreign intervention in the internal conflict of the sovereign country. To what lead similar interventions, it is well visible on the example of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. Being a concerned situation in Syria, Russia will support a solution by peaceful dialogue involved in a conflict of two sides.

At the summit the question of a situation in Northern Korea will also be raised. The leader of the country Kim Jong Un, continuing policy of the father Kim Jong Il, heads for strengthening of military power of the country. The unpredictable policy of the country having the nuclear weapon causes big concern of members of "Group of Eight". They urged Pyongyang to stop works on improvement of the nuclear weapon and development of ballistic missiles more than once.

Much attention at a meeting will be paid to economy questions. In spite of the fact that after an economic crisis of 2008 the situation in Europe was stabilized, many countries of the eurozone still are in very difficult situation. Analysts try to predict development of a situation on a case of crash of the eurozone, such forecast does not seem impossible any more. After election of the new president of France François Hollande the great value for destiny of the eurozone will be had by its meeting with the German chancellor Angela Merkel, their meeting is scheduled for May 15.

Already traditionally at the Group of Eight summit questions of human rights are discussed. There is no doubt that to Dmitry Medvedev representing Russia a number of inconvenient questions – in particular will be set, on dispersal so-called the "March of millions" which took place in Moscow on May 6, 2012. Hundreds of detainees, tens wounded both from police, and among opposition, one dead became results of procession and skirmishes with police. Some mass media claim that the president Putin refused to go to the summit because of unwillingness to discuss this subject. Nevertheless, according to the Assistant to the President Arkady Dvorkovich, all this no more than the leisure reflections which do not have relations to reality.

No doubt, at the summit also some other questions as its informal status allows to lift any subjects will be discussed. For this reason it will be possible to study the list of the main discussed moments only after the end of a meeting.