How to organize collection of information

How to organize collection of information

The one who possesses information, owns everything, this old truth is actual and to this day. To draw the correct conclusions, it is necessary to organize collection of information. Search of necessary information on the Internet has the features which should be considered.

It is required to you

- catalogs of resources;
- search engines.

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Estimate an essence of the task facing you and formulate specific goals. The more precisely you define them, the it will be simpler to organize to you work. For example, you decided to find out, what browsers and operating systems are the most popular with Internet users. Already problem definition assumes rather extensive research as selection needs to be done over the countries – after all preferences of users in the different countries can differ. In that case if it is about one country, the task considerably becomes simpler.

It is possible to organize collection of information in the example described above in two ways. The first – traditional poll. It is necessary to place at popular forums a form for vote that users could choose the necessary versions of answers. The second option is based on use of technical capabilities: information on the browser and an operating system of the user will be automatically fixed at its calling on the page with the script established on it collecting the necessary information. Pay attention that in the described examples you conduct necessary researches, but do not look for already ready information on the matter.

Not all information can be collected by means of polls. Many researches demand laborious work in a network with visit of hundreds of sites from which necessary data are collected. The similar type of researches is called as a datamayning – from the words data (data) and mining (production). At first necessary material on the basis of which analysis concrete conclusions are already drawn gathers.

By information search on the Internet at first define its sources. As a rule, many users address at once to search engines, however it will be more correct to look at catalogs of resources at first. So, if you conduct researches in the Russian segment of a network, it can be the catalogs or Yandex. For researches on all scope of the Internet look at catalogs of Yahoo!, Open Directory Project. Thanks to data from catalogs you will be able to find the most known sources of information necessary to you.

If data from catalogs did not yield the necessary result, address to search engines. The most convenient search engine is Google as has very convenient possibilities of specification of a search query. So, if it is necessary to you that at the given-out inquiry there was some word, put before it a plus. If the word, on the contrary, has to be excluded from inquiry, put before it minus. For example, you should find models of the laptop of the specific producer, let it will be Acer. Then enter into a line of the searcher inquiry "+Acer Laptops". And on the contrary if you want to exclude models of this producer from search delivery, gather in a line of search: "Laptops – Acer". Google has a set of similar opportunities, for acquaintance with them read the corresponding instructions on search service. You will be able to receive even more detailed information on search by means of Google, having seen references at the request of "Google hacking".