How to fill a color cartridge in the printer

How to fill a color cartridge in the printer

Offensively when during the printing of photos in a color cartridge of the Canon printer ink suddenly comes to an end. As a result there is a need to replace the ended cartridge new, and it, as we know, demands considerable financial expenses. To save money and to present to a color cartridge the second life, it is possible to try to fill it independently.

It is required to you

- ink;
- small box;
- tack;
- a paper towel or a napkin without pile;
- adhesive tape

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Get a cartridge necessary to you from the printer, holding it for lateral faces, and place in a small box so that nozzles did not concern its bottom. Best of all that in which it was upon purchase will approach.

Before gas station study the instruction, in it it is written what toner of color where is filled in. Remove a special sticker which closes openings for gas station from a cartridge. By means of the tack which is complete with ink carefully do small openings that the needle of a syringe could pass freely inside, and still there was a small gap between edge of an opening and a needle for an air outlet during gas station.

Prepare all syringes with paint, having well put on them needles that when filling paint did not pour out outside. Take one syringe, insert it into the necessary opening, having slightly punctured a sponge and slowly pressing the piston, squeeze out no more than 5 ml of ink in a cartridge. Fill with a similar way other openings. Wait 5 minutes until ink is absorbed, and their surplus will flow out from the printing head. Wipe them a paper towel or a napkin without pile.

Cut off a small slice of an adhesive tape and hermetically stick with it openings. Insert the filled cartridge back into the printer, having convinced that it completely dry, and several times carry out cleaning snuffled also alignment of the printing head. If the printed drawing is faded, wait some time that the cartridge became impregnated better.