How to be issued on combining jobs on the labor

How to be issued on combining jobs on the labor

When the worker works at two positions at the same enterprise or in the different organizations is is called as combining jobs. As a rule, it is made out through an execution of an employment agreement. If the employee wishes to make record about additional work in the service record, procedure will depend on what part-time worker is the expert: internal or external.

It is required to you

- documents of the worker;
- labor legislation;
- forms of the relevant documents;
- documents of the enterprise;
- press of the organization;
- the document confirming the fact of a part-time job.

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The worker should express the desire about entering of record about combining jobs into the service record as the statement. It has to be addressed to individual executive body of a primary place of employment (in case of external combining jobs). It is necessary to enclose the supporting document to the application signed by the employee. The reference on the letterhead of an occasional seat of work, the extract or the copy of the order certified properly can be such. One of the listed documents will be enough. It will form the basis for entering of record into the service record of the expert.

When the director considers and will vise the application, he needs to issue the order for HR department. The document is internal and is formed in any form. In administrative part of the order the individual executive body should confer responsibility on personnel employees who have to make record in the service record of the part-time expert.

On the basis of the documents submitted by the worker and the order of the director in the service record of the employee put serial number of record after record about the main work. Specify date with which the expert, a position, a company name, department where he works in combination is accepted.

In case of internal combining jobs everything is much simpler. The worker needs to write only the application with a request of entering of record into the service record for an additional position. The director has to vise the document. It is necessary to consider that the employer has no right to refuse to the employee the above request.

The head needs to make the order on primary activity, and on the basis of the order on employment of the part-time worker to the personnel employee responsible for maintaining service records, to make the corresponding record. And it is necessary to bring a mark that the position is combining jobs.