How to prepare pant

How to prepare pant

Panta are young horns of a red and spotty deer (a maral and a Manchurian deer). From them prepare medicine pantokrin which helps to cope with many illnesses, to rejuvenate an organism, to lift the general immunity and a vitality. Also pantokrin is a part of many pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations. Preparation of this wonder-working means - very difficult occupation is also carried out in specialized conditions. It is independently possible to receive only a water or spirit extract from pan-comrade.

It is required to you

- pant;
- capacity;
- zharochny case;
- water extract;
- spirit tincture;
- powder or tablets.

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For preparation of a spirit or water extract it is necessary to cut off pant at the end of May beginning of June when they the softest, but grew already enough. The most popular procedure at cut of a show off are bathtubs from the first water extract. To take such medical bath, people from all Russia gather in reindeer-breeding farms and any money is ready to pay for opportunity to bathe in the first antler water. On a national belief such procedure prolongs youth for some years, relieves of infertility, impotence, skin diseases.


To prepare curative bathtubs from a show off, they are lowered in a tub with hot or cold water and cooked in the usual way within 30-40 minutes. It is necessary to do it in the first, second, third and fourth day after cut. Then water is cooled, get raw materials and hanged out for drying. The dried-out raw materials are lowered again in water and cooked. So becomes three or four times. In broth the water extract which is used for acceptance of bathtubs and for the use inside turns out. But it only an extract and it is not pantokriny.


For preparation of a pantokrin pant dry in special zharochny cases, crush, fill in with alcohol and insist. The received tincture is filtered and spilled in small bottles. It turns out well-known pantokrin. So he was trained 200 years ago, the same technology is used today.


From the dried-up crushed show off prepares pantokrin and in the form of tablets. Powder is applied at various diseases.


Powder from a show off, the water extract and spirit infusion contain biologically active agents, vitamins, minerals, microcells, hormones, amino acids. Such rich structure helps to cure impotence, catarrhal diseases, viral infections, rejuvenates, prolongs childbearing age. And also helps to restore vital forces of an organism, to increase pressure at hypotonia, to stimulate cardiovascular activity, to bring slags and toxins out of an organism, to stimulate work of a digestive tract. The scientists investigating properties of a pantokrin came to unanimous opinion that it is capable to treat almost all existing diseases.


But for reception of a pantokrin there are also contraindications. It is not recommended to persons from hypertensions, with atherosclerosis, with serious cardiac illnesses, at stenocardia, arrhythmia, thrombosis, nephrite, oncological diseases, at pregnancy and a lactation.