What magic properties possesses grossulyar?

What magic properties possesses grossulyar?
The name grossulyar the mineral received the words grossularia that in translation from Latin means — a gooseberry. Grossulyar represents calcic pomegranate. On color it can be pale olive-green, yellowish, orange, pink, henna-red, bright green or nearly colourless. Grossulyar possesses glass gloss.

How influences grossulyar the person?
Grossulyar renders on the owner calming, but at the same time renewing feelings and think of action. Its influence is comparable with water procedures after which people become quiet and vigorous at the same time. Besides grossulyar awakens pensiveness, tendency to contemplation, and also creative abilities in the owner, helps to develop different talents. He gives to the owner joyful dreams, helps to cope with a nervous tension, sleeplessness, groundless fears.

This stone at all not konflikten, it it is possible to carry with any mineral both in one ornament, and in the different. It is his devil it is transferred also to the owner of a mineral. The owner of a grossulyar becomes more peaceful, understanding requirements and difficulties of surrounding people. But grossulyar to such an extent stores composure of the owner that allows it to sympathize only with foreign misfortunes, but does not allow it to help other people who got to a difficult situation. But people close to the owner of a grossulyar become native and for the mineral. Even if the owner of a stone does not know how it is possible to help the friend or the relative, grossulyar will begin to solve itself problems only not to break peace of mind of the owner.

Who can carry grossulyar?

It is possible to carry grossulyar to the people born under any zodiac sign. He can cope with various shortcomings and develop advantages, characteristic for each sign. As a mascot the mineral grossulyar is capable to attract sympathy and an arrangement of surrounding people to the owner, and also will help it to overcome various conflicts, will present the world and tranquillity in a family and a consent between spouses.