How to earn on the wap-site

How to earn on the wap-site

The daily audience of WAP resources makes about five million users who wish to spend the money on the Internet. Would be silly not to benefit from this. Actually there are some ways of earnings on the WAP site. And each of them has the minuses and pluses.

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Create the WAP site, having downloaded previously the Opera browser. The matter is that in it it is possible to do a preview of the created page. After you developed an Internet resource, untwist it in search engines. Subsequently you will be able to sell the site for quite lump sum. The main plus of this way is that you get all profit at once. And here minus is very long time which will be required to you to be spent for untwisting the WAP site, to advance it in search engines and to catch a live traffic.

Be registered in the partner program of any content provider. Then place the active reference to a show-window of sale of content on the WAP site. Everything is simple! The user gets on your site, follows the link and buys a product necessary to it by means of the Sms. From each such sale you as the partner will draw a certain interest. As the market of mobile content from year to year grows, your income will increase over time.

Use the WAP site as a platform on sale of references. The logic is quite simple. Create the site which will be able to function on mobile devices. Lift its attendance and untwist in searchers. After that to you offers from other owners of the WAP sites with requests will start arriving to place the reference for a certain sum. The content is more qualitative, the you will attract bigger number of visitors. Keep in mind that texts have to be interesting and unique then algorithms of search engines will be favorable to your Internet resource.

Readdress all your traffic from the WAP site. Be for this purpose registered in the partner program of content provider who works directly with mobile operators. Receive the reference in a type of a HTML code and establish it on the main page. The script works as "an external redirect" and looks approximately so-. Upon transition to your WAP site, the visitor will not see his contents, and at once will be redirected on the page necessary to you.

Earn on the contextual advertizing adapted under a WAP traffic. If you are already familiar with similar earnings on the usual sites (web), it will be simpler to you to understand an essence. Establish a code which you receive on the site, having registered in the partnerka "ground" under this type of advertizing. After that you will be able to get profit which will depend on quantity of clicks according to the reference. Keep in mind that having arranged the advertizing block on the main page, you gain bigger income. Put the statistics counter on the WAP site to trace number of visitors.