How it is successfully to marry

How it is successfully to marry

"How it is successful to marry?" - this question excites a huge number of young girls and women. All dream to find the half. But, unfortunately, not all drops out a happy marriage. We to you will give some advice which can help you to become those the few which manage to marry not simply, and successfully to marry.

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First of all, understand yourself. Why you do not have serious relations with men? Can at you the overestimated requirements to future elect? Or perhaps you from the first day of acquaintance pull it under a wreath? Think that specifically you need to change in the behavior with men.


Believe in yourself. If you firmly believe that surely successfully marry, your desire, by all means, will be granted.


Meet men everywhere. Than more you will have a choice, to meet a high probability by that the only thing. At the same time, be picky in acquaintances. Remember, men do not love women of free behavior.


In advance think over the list what you will need to discuss with the elect at the first appointments. Despite your natural desire to learn about it everything, questions of a salary leave on future meetings.


Think, what questions need to be asked themselves before daring to fall in love. You have to solve: whether it suits you, whether your vital interests and plans are similar, whether you meet on temperament.


If you understood that this yours, conduct darling in the REGISTRY OFFICE. Do not wait when the beloved himself ripens". Will delay this question, will appear in a trap. It can appear so that current situation quite suits the man, and he will not want anything to change.