How to arrange a holiday to the child

How to arrange a holiday to the child

To arrange to the child a bright holiday, it is not obligatory to spend a lot of money at all or to invite professional actors. It is a little imagination and time - and your holiday will surely be remembered to the kid.

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It is worth beginning preparation for a holiday with decoration of the room. As a rule, for this purpose inflatable balloons, paper jewelry and bright posters which in power to draw even to the person far from drawing art are used. For this purpose it is possible to take gouache, spangles and photos of your child in different years of life. Paste a photo on sheets of a Whatman paper, think up original signatures or small rhymes, and decorate the remained place with gouache. The last stroke - addition of bright spangles.


In advance prepare competitions and ridiculous competitions. They have to be various, short and easily feasible, after all children very quickly are tired. Do not forget and about small prizes. Small chocolates, small suvenirchik perfectly will be suitable for these purposes. Watch that all kids had opportunity to participate in competition and nobody remained without surprise.


One more important stage - preparation of a holiday table. Buy a bright cloth, put multi-colored ware. It is possible to use also disposable napkins with animation characters. The food has to be easy and, of course, tasty! On snack the small buterbrodik which are brightly decorated with greens and vegetables perfectly will approach. And if at their production you use formochka for baking, to delight of kids there will be no limit. For a dessert it is possible to prepare fruit salads, ice cream and, of course, a bright pie with candles into which the kid will blow together with friends. Do not forget and about drinks: it is good if on a table there is a mineral water and natural juice. You should not put aerated water or drinks in which there are artificial dyes and fragrances - some children on them have an allergy.


The most important in any holiday is, of course, gifts. In advance listen to desires of the kid, think that can bring him joy. If the budget allows, it is possible to prepare some gifts and to hand them at different times. For example to put one on a stool near a bed - when the kid wakes up, first of all will find your surprise. The second can be handed when guests gathered. The most important - to listen to desire of the child and then the holiday organized by you will become for it the best gift!