How to marry in New year

How to marry in New year

For someone New year it is simple the holiday accompanying on January 1. But it can become in the most important afternoon in life and turn into the present fairy tale if this day you conclude the matrimony. How to embody the dream, if on January 1 – general day off?

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Go for this purpose to the romantic places popular with tourists. There provide services of wedding all the year round for the purpose of maintenance of own popularity. Perfectly the city of Verona with Juliette and Romeo's known balcony and with various church chapels where the religion allows wedding on January 1 will approach.


Choose a suitable place in advance as there is an opportunity that you will not be the only person interested to register marriage in such day.


Consider financial side of this question. Prepare documents: international passports, visas, exit visas. It is necessary to do it in advance as on the eve of holidays of establishment can unstably work.


Make a reservation, specify time of holding a ceremony. In advance agree about number in hotels in which plan to spend marriage night.


Consider a route and a wedding dress (it can be anything, on a vsha a discretion, beginning from a traditional wedding dress, finishing with the most extravagant dress).


Be convinced, available days, free from work, in time necessary to you. In the appointed time start an embodiment of the imagination.


If all above does not suit you, arrange yourself sea cruise for this time. The captain of any vessel has full authority to register marriages during flight between citizens of any country at any time (of course, consider in advance financial and documentary party of this question).