How to pump over the battery

How to pump over the battery

For extension of service life of the battery of phone it is necessary to carry out certain procedures for its pumping. Thus operation of dispersal of the accumulator depends on what its type is used for power supply of your device.

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Leave the Ni-Mh battery in the mobile phone to a full discharge. In other words until, when the device will not be able already to turn on any more. Quicker to discharge the accumulator start power-intensive applications. For example, play games, start music or videos, include loudness on a maximum. It is also possible to switch on and off simply phone as for identification of a network the device uses a large number of energy that will quicker allow to carry out a full discharge.

Put the mobile phone on charging after the accumulator completely is discharged. Do not disconnect the device from the power supply, the greatest possible charge of the battery will not be received yet. It will allow the accumulator to restore the greatest possible power. To improve result, repeat procedure several times.

Pump over phone battery with frequency in each 50 zaryadok. Be accurate when using the accumulator. Do not knock and do not squeeze it as it can damage batteries and put the device out of action. Thus remember that strong damages can lead to unpredictable explosions or other problems.

Therefore in time address to customer services for replacement of the accumulator of phone. If you long time do not plan to use phone, it is necessary to switch off the device, to get from it the battery and a sim card. Store these details separately to keep operability of the accumulator.

Carry out full charging of the lithium-ion accumulator with lasting 8-12 hours each 2-3 months of operation of phone. Thus it is not recommended to make a full discharge which leads to switching off of phone as it can reduce further power consumption of the battery.