How to remove a photo from the box

How to remove a photo from the box

Mailbox on service of Yandex. Mail it is rather convenient in use. Folders in which the correspondence is stored, data on the sender which are visible to the addressees receiving e-mails from the user - all this and many other things can be adjusted at own discretion. So, if you decided to remove a photo from the mailbox, it is possible to make it in some steps.

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Start the browser in the way, habitual for yourself. Enter the mailbox, having entered login and the password. You will get to the Entering folder. Press the Control button-sssylku, it is located in the right top corner of the page directly under the address of your mailbox. The duplicating line reference "Adjust" settles down on the left side of a window in the field under the list of the available folders.

On the opened page of settings choose in the left part of a window the line "Information on the Sender", having clicked it with the left button of a mouse. Find the section "My Portrait" in the central part of the page. To remove the photo which is in this section click an inscription "to Remove", located directly on the image.

On a question "You really want to remove a portrait?" answer in the affirmative, - press the Remove button in an inquiry window. Wait until the photo is removed. On its place there will be an empty field with an inscription "There is no photo". Press the Keep Changes button in the lower part of the page.

On the Information on the Sender page you can enter additional data. For example, having filled in the section "The Signature at the end of the Letter", you will be able to relieve yourself of need every time to sign the electronic message. The inscription entered by you will be automatically inserted.

To return to browse mode of letters, press the Mail or Letters point in the top part of the page. The principle of removal of the photo from the mailbox on other mail services is similar described above.

If later you again want to add the photo in the mailbox, enter the mode of editing data on the sender in the way described above. In the section "My Portrait" press the Load a Portrait button and specify a directory in which your photo is kept in the opened Loading of the File window. Remember that the photo has to be small. The maximum size of the image – 200 KB.