How to calculate timber

How to calculate timber

Upon purchase of timber and production of construction works quite often it is necessary to count quantity of boards, whetstones in one cubic meter of timber or the metric area of several products. You can make calculations, using simple means and calculation tables.

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For calculation of separate types of timber special kubaturny tables are used. The appeal to such tables will help you to establish, how many boards are in one square meter. Thus the bar, a cut and not cut board, laths, lining, a sexual board are counted.


So, one bar of 100х100х6 in size occupies 0,06 cubic meters. In cubic meter of such boards there are 16,67 pieces.

The cut board of 22х100х6 in size occupies 0,0132 cubic meters. The cubic meter contains 45,46 square meters of such board.

The lath with sizes of 22х50х3 occupies 0,0033 cubic meters. The cubic meter contains 909 running meters of such lath.


Calculation business gorbylya is in a special way made. Timber is sorted on two groups on length (to 2 meters inclusive more long than 2 meters). The croaker is stacked a gorbylny surface alternately down and up and to the opposite sides the thick and thin ends of boards. The stack is stacked most densely, it has to be identical on height throughout and have right angles.


After that the average length and width of a stack is multiplied by its height and the depository cubic capacity is defined.