How to calculate grounding

How to calculate grounding

Resistance of grounding pays off on the basis of standard templates and formulas. The obtained data allow to get optimum option of ready grounding. Predesign is necessary because at a small or big indicator of resistance the grounding device will not work.

It is required to you

- calculation formulas;
- paper;
- calculator;
- pencil;
- summary table of specific resistance of soil.

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Calculate grounding resistance for several electrodes on the following formula:

R = R1/KIN, where R1 – resistance of one electrode, Ki – efficiency, N – quantity of single electrodes in the grounding device.

When performing this calculation it is not necessary to consider a contribution of the grounding conductor acting as a connector.


Based on the same basic data, as at calculation of grounding for several electrodes, carry out calculation of quantity of electrodes. Use the following formula:

N = R1/KIR, the State Duma of R1 – resistance of one electrode, R – resistance necessary for functioning of a multielectrode grounding conductor (the size received in the previous calculation), Ki – efficiency.


Round the received result of necessary quantity of electrodes towards increase.


Connect electrodes among themselves, and then to object for which the grounding device by means of a copper rod iron or a steel strip is intended. For copper the optimum section of the conductor is considered 70 mm2, for steel – 160 mm2.