How to choose travel agency

How to choose travel agency

In the last decades vacation abroad became where is more popular, than holiday on the Black Sea coast. It and is clear - people want change of a situation, new impressions and comfort level in domestic resorts quite often leaves much to be desired. Trip abroad begins with visit of travel agency on which right choice how you will carry out the rest will depend in many respects.

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Choose known travel company. Such which is advertized in the press and on television about which it is possible to find a lot of information in the Internet. First, so you will not run into short-lived firm which employees can quite disappear with your money in the unknown direction next day. Secondly, if the travel agency exists at least 5 years, it means proved the right for existence, survived in competitive fight, and employees accumulated enough experience. Relations with reliable tour operators are during this time already established, of course, "new" here not always means "bad", however happens that similar business is opened by people who traded in food shop still yesterday and tourism do not understand at all.

Before visit to office of this or that travel agency of your city collect more conformation. Ask relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues who left abroad in recent years. Learn everything as it is possible in more detail - about the prices, about quality of hotel, the plane, food, service. Whether that described coincided and offered in travel agency to that your acquaintances saw in reality. Read thematic forums, there too much valuable information can find. Can even get a separate notebook where will note all pluses and minuses of travel agencies, so it will be easier for you to make a choice and not to become puzzled at a personal meeting with the specialist of travel agency.

Compare the prices of different travel agencies. On the same services they can differ by 1,5-2 times. If, for the same services in one of firms the price is too overstated - choose more available option, from the sum paid by you the sea and hotel will not change. But also too low price has to guard you. Often the pleasure from favourably acquired round dies away when instead of the promised big, beautiful and well-planned hotel tourists have to live in a small and close lodge moreover and to walk to the sea half an hour.

Personal visit to office of travel agency too will help to understand a lot of things. Pay attention to service and a situation. In good travel agency to you right there will suggest to sit down even if all employees are occupied at present, most likely will offer a cup of coffee and will surely hand various catalogs and booklets. And here if you are ignored or answered with dissatisfied tone, be better developed and go to other firm. If to you at once treated without elementary respect, will hardly responsibly treat the organization of your rest.

Pay attention and to a situation. In solid travel agency the thought-over pleasant interior, on walls it is possible to see diplomas and certificates, and the travel agency conveniently is located. And here the office on the tenth floor in the unknown lane of the dormitory area has to guard.

Talking to the expert, be not afraid to ask questions. Find out everything thoroughly, after all the speech about your rest for which, besides, you pay considerable money. Without exaggeration, the employee of travel agency has to know answers practically to any your questions. The firm respecting itself sends the managers to promo fact-finding tours during which visit some countries, personally get acquainted with hotels, beaches, to excursions. The skilled expert has to listen and try to pick up attentively you for you suitable option irrespective of, whether you know precisely for that wait from a trip, or want "that, I do not know that". And here if the manager is lost from your questions, it is better not to contact this firm.

Read attentively all clauses of the contract, but not simply formally sign. Remember that you have full authority to read any document, to ask all interesting questions and even to consult with the lawyer if in the contract there are disputed issues. Take an interest, whether the insurance from not departure is provided. It means that you pay an insurance premium and if for some reason are not able to go, the travel agency undertakes to compensate to you the full sum paid by you.