How to help at an ukachivaniye with transport?

How to help at an ukachivaniye with transport?
Ukachivaniye arises because of special sensitivity of a vestibular mechanism and a cerebellum. The such indisposition can as be descended, well acquired independently, after the postponed ear diseases. However and stressful states can also provoke an ukachivaniye, and in the future and violations in vegetative nervous system.

Manifestations of an ukachivaniye

• Pallor.
• Sudden breakdown.
• Cold sweat, dizziness.
• Nausea, sometimes vomiting.

Ukachivaniya can be avoided, accepting medicines which to you will be prescribed by the doctor.

Quick help - menthol alcohol: on a sugar slice.

To accept on doctor's orders:

Against spasms: melissa, yarrow, dyagil, pupavka noble, hawthorn, fig, marjoram.

Against gastric hypotonia: gentian.

For action on a liver and intestines: beggarweed, thistle, hollyhock or alty.

For improvement of brain blood circulation: ginkgo.

For fight against an inflammation of the mucous: repeshok, pupavka, St. John's Wort.

For simplification of an otkhozhdeniye of gases: ginger, caraway seeds, kmin caraway, anise, fennel, fennel, lemon.

Ukachivaniye - think of a melissa. At nausea simply wonders are worked by so-called karmsky water which structure is well-known. It is necessary to leave for 10 days in 1 l 40% of alcohol of 30 g of leaves of a melissa, 80 g of a dried peel of a lemon and 5 g of roots dyagilya, then to filter infusion and to add 20 g of seeds of a coriander, 10 g of cinnamon, 10g a nutmeg and 4 pieces of a carnation. Again to filter, pour on bottles. To uncork and use in a week.

Other measures

- Eat fruit, including berries rich with anti-spastic flavonoids - bilberry, blackcurrant, etc.
- During a trip do not bend forward and do not close an eye, try not to look long in one party.
- Exclude stressful impacts on a liver to digestive system. Avoid incompatible combinations which load this system and cause formation of gases, an abdominal distension and other troubles.