How to copy to mini DV on the computer

How to copy to mini DV on the computer

Mini DV — is the popular standard for household video cameras. These chambers use small cartridges on which 60 or 90 minutes of record hold. Record can be seen on the chamber screen, the monitor or on the TV through a video input. But to edit the videos, to make copies or to create small movies the hands, it is necessary to copy to mini DV on the computer by means of special programs and the equipment.

It is required to you

- FireWire payment,
- special cable,
- chamber,
- computer,
- program for capture of video

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Install in the computer a payment of FireWire or as it is called still, the IEEE-1394 controler. This payment is necessary for connection of a chamber to the computer. Even if on a chamber there is an usb-socket, it serves only for transfer of photos from a memory card. Video with mini DV on the computer can be transferred only by means of the FireWire controler which is absent in the majority of computers.

Buy this payment and a cable for connection of a chamber in computer shop. The connecting cable is called 1394A-b 6-pin on 4-pin — it means that on the one hand it has the big socket, for connection to the controler. On the other hand the cable has to have a small socket for connection with a chamber. If you have no experience of installation of payments of expansion, it is worth using services of the expert.

Connect a chamber with the established film to the computer. Turn on a chamber and choose the mode of communication with the computer if such is available in settings. If is not present, simply include reproduction of the cartridge.

Install the program for work with a chamber and capture of video. Complete with many chambers there is a disk with free instruments of record and editing video. Also ScenalyzerLive 4.0 or Pinnacle Studio 10 should pay attention to the specialized software, for example, above. Start the browser and enter the address — here you will be able to download the adjusting file of a demoversion of ScenalyzerLive 4.0 and to test it in operation.

Start the adjusting file of the program of capture of video, establish it, answering questions of the step-by-step master. Double click a label on a desktop and open the program. Specify the folder for saving of the video record. Pay attention that an empty seat about 50 Gigabytes on one cartridge are required much.

Choose from the dropping-out list in the left central part of a window your chamber. This element is called as Select Capture Device and is noted by a triangle. After that in the left corner of a window you will see video from your chamber. If the blue empty screen is removed, press the Play button on a chamber to start reproduction. Do not tick off near the enable recording point, and that the program can erase your record.

Press the left button of a mouse of the Capture menu in the top part of a window. Select from the list the Start Capturing item to start record of video with mini DV on the computer. Process long, is occupied as much time, how many by record. It is not recommended to do something on the computer at this time. Upon termination of work of the program you receive big uncompressed DV.avi the file which is ready for installation and code conversion in any format.