How to carry hematite

How to carry hematite

The name "hematite" in translation from Greek ("haimatos") means "blood". Other names of a mineral, and also its versions are: "red iron ore", "кровавик", "an iron kidney", "сангвин". Coloring of a stone often has the brownish-red color reaching the almost black. Gloss — semi-metal or metal.

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The popular belief that hematite promotes clarification of blood and strengthening of krovoochishchayushchy bodies — kidneys, a liver and a spleen. Also it is considered that the stone is capable to protect the owner from various astral attacks, to help to open the world from the new party, to decipher signs which are sent by the Universe to people.

Take into consideration that astrologers recommend to carry hematite to only several zodiac signs: To crayfish, Scorpions, Aquarius, Arieses and Capricorns. For Twins, Maidens and Fishes it is categorically contraindicated. To other signs the stone should be carried only in case the person is the practicing magician.

As hematite is urged to give to the owner courage and courage, it, first of all, is a charm of men. In ancient times slices of a stone hung up on a neck, sewed up in clothes, hid in footwear, to the soldiers leaving on war. Was considered that the stone will help to overcome any enemy.

Women can also carry hematite as a mascot. It helps them at the beginning of any enterprise, and also with a vocational education.

Consider that, proceeding from character of this stone, it is necessary to put in order it only in silver. It is capable to bring happiness if to carry it on a forefinger (for men on the right hand, to women - on left).

Putting on a pendent from hematite, know that he allows to catch own internal voice and increases intuition. The bracelet with these stones improves hearing, a beads - sight. But thus be careful – hematite which is carried in a large number, strongly lowers arterial pressure.

Folk healers recommend to put a stone slice on the parts of a body having sluggish and weak blood circulation. Nursing mothers can wear a mascot from this stone on a breast – on beliefs, it promotes abundance of milk.

Hematite and helps with stabilization of hormonal system, reduces harmful consequences of a stress, relieves of sleep disorders. There is an opinion that the stone helps even to dissolve and bring stones out of a bladder. It is noticed that anyway hematite promotes improvement of power of the owner, promotes maintenance of an organism in a tone and to inflow of new forces.