How to look after a tattoo

How to look after a tattoo

Popularity of tattoos increases every year, and today they very few people, are capable to surprise, but not to cause interest in passersby and not to turn on itself and their owner attention they cannot.

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 Really, contrast drawing looks intriguingly both on gentle pink skin, and on seductively sunbathed and even dark. And a secret of such effect at all not in skilfulness of the image, its color or the size, even not in a figure of the owner of a tattoo. Interest in next-to-skin drawing - in its sense … The person wants to do a tattoo when he wants to tell something, but to tell specially, to tell a body. Body language original, and the tattoo allows to glance for an instant in soul of the person – to slightly open his inner world. For this reason it is always mysterious and interesting.

If you already individualized yourself by means of a tattoo, you for certain will want to keep initial quality of the put drawing as it is possible more long. It is for this purpose recommended to conform to the following rules:

It is necessary to look after a tattoo from the first day of its drawing. The sterile bandage applied by the master, on the expiration of time recommended by the master, it is necessary to remove, to wash out a tattoo water with soap, blotting carefully to dry and apply special ointment. Do not use spirit solutions at all. During healing campaigns in a bath, pools, sunbeds are strictly forbidden, bathtubs and fire on the sun are excluded. It is impossible to rub, scratch the beginning to live tattoo and to that similar actions. Use of various cosmetics is allowed in 10 days after drawing drawing. If the tattoo is put in places in which skin over the years changes a form (the top part of a hand, a breast, a stomach, hips, buttocks), the sizes or structure (there is a cellulitis or extensions), then the only exit - to watch the body and not to allow similar changes. For this reason it is more expedient to do a tattoo on ankles, on hands below an elbow, etc. that is on places which insignificantly give in to temporary changes. If to your next-to-skin sign it is already a lot of years, and it lost a look, or drawing is not actual any more, professional masters will qualitatively eliminate such defect – will update and will refresh a tattoo, or over the old will put more interesting and desired image. In case of any questionsIn case of any questionsIn case of any questionsIn case of any questions on care of a tattoo, address to the master who did you work. It is important that it would be the qualified person and salon with all necessary hygienic conditions and the professional tool.

Each expert who is engaged in such next-to-skin art will in detail tell you how to look after a tattoo and will prompt the individual nuances to above-mentioned rules.