How to make the beautiful site

How to make the beautiful site

At creation of the site we seek to enclose information maximum because the site is our person on the Internet. The user begins the acquaintance to us that opens the site, the first impression which we on it make is that impression which makes our site. It has to be moderately loaded by information and has to give a clear idea of where the person got. To make the beautiful site, it is enough to follow several simple laws.

It is required to you

- Computer
- Internet
- The program - the editor of the sites

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Do not overload the first page of the site. Remember that the most important that it has to contain is information on where the person got. In the absence of experience in a structure of the sites use minimalistic design – there will be less probability to stumble.


On the first page of the site arrange a logo of your organization, the picture symbolizing your activity and the short description or the slogan characterizing activity of your organization. Place the reference to models of your works if you provide services or sell goods.


Use short, easily clear menu. The menu has to be in that place where it is expected to see – as a rule, from above or at the left. It will be convenient for the user if upon transition to the new page of your site of the menu remains where it and was. Surely use the Back and On the Main buttons on pages of the site is will facilitate navigation.


Try to use two, at most three colors at creation of the site, it is not necessary to do the site similar to a rainbow, it distracts and irritates eyes.


Have the text and pictures in equal proportions, but do not use absolute symmetry at all it is unusual to an eye of the person.