How to attack in volleyball

How to attack in volleyball

The basic element in an arsenal of the attacking player is called as the attacking blow. The skill top when carrying out such reception is considered a prompt hurling back of a ball therefore the ball appears at once in the field of the opponent. The blow will be sharper, the it will be more difficult for the defender of the opponent to process the flying ball. There are many moments which can be fulfilled only in practice, but there are basic principles, adhering which you will be more successful at attack in volleyball.

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Trajectory. A lot of things at attack depend on correctly calculated ball trajectory. It depends on height of a grid, proximity to it and on height at which the forward struck on a ball. I eat further a ball from a grid, subjects it is more difficult to punch it closer to a grid, the above the forward has to jump.


Running start. The direction of running start too influences a trajectory of the movement of a ball. Having run up, the player has to apply so the inertia that during a jump to jump vertically up. Often happens that the player jumps not only in height, but also it is a little forward, thus losing opportunity to carry out sharp blow closely to a grid.


Pushing away corner. Ability before a jump sharply gives to change a pushing away corner the best chance for the maximum straightening of the body from lateral situation. It in turn will allow to accept is inexact the passed ball and to enclose force maximum in counterstroke.


Ways of blow:

- The forward straightens a trunk in a jump, and all work is performed thus by the hand doing breakthrough forward. At this forearm moves forward, and the ball is kicked by the brush put by a pinch. Then all brush falls by a ball, the basis of a palm adjoins to a ball, and the last impulse to a ball is transferred by finger-tips. At this way transfer is not always exact, especially, if the hand concerns a ball not ahead, and sideways or over itself.

- The forward caves in at the time of flight back, doing swing of a hand also back. In the highest point of a jump the player is promptly straightened. At the time of blow the hand is strained in a brush, an elbow and a shoulder. In this case transfer has to be very exact, a ball at the time of blow always before the player. Blow force at this way impresses, after all the speed of an apparatus can reach 50 meters per second.