How to get rid of white extensions

How to get rid of white extensions

White traces in the form of ugly strips can spoil appearance of skin after pregnancy, feeding of the child, a prompt set of weight or fast weight loss. White color of extensions says that there were they long ago and it will be hard to get rid of them.

It is required to you

- olive or almond oil;
- honey, cocoa butter, grapefruit or orange essential oil.

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Increase elasticity of skin by change of a diet. The liquid coming to an organism has to be enough to prevent dehydration of fabrics, loss of elasticity of skin. Eat a lot of greens, fishes, seafood, nuts, fill vegetables with vegetable oil, and use fruit crude and in a large number.

To soften skin, to prepare fabrics for updating, it is necessary to oil problem places olive, almond or structure from wheat germs. Addition of essential oils in basic structures will strengthen effect from procedure.

Massage grindings and carrying out anti-cellulite procedures will warm fabrics and will promote that striya will be less noticeable. The rigid peeling, honey or can massage – all ways of impact on a "orange" crust will approach.

The warming compresses or wrappings help to nourish skin with collagen that will return it elasticity – mix honey, cocoa butter, grapefruit or orange essential oil and apply on extensions.

Undergo procedure of a deep peeling. House methods are inefficient in fight against old extensions, they carry out only preparatory function, softening fabrics and doing them more susceptible to saloon procedures. The laser peeling is considered the most effective – white traces disappear together with a postoperative redness some months later.

Sign up for a course of injections. The mesotherapy usually precedes a deep peeling or is carried out after it – introduction under skin of the preparations containing collagen, vitamins and amino acids allow to change a chemical composition of blankets of epidermis.

To get rid of old extensions forever, the help of plastic surgeons is required – only by means of removal of strips of skin it is possible to remove white traces. The surgery is performed under anesthetic and can have unpleasant consequences, and also the long rehabilitation period. Because of possible complications resort to this way of elimination of extensions only in especially started cases.