How to dry cherry in house conditions?

How to dry cherry in house conditions?
Dried fruits of cherry are used both in cookery, and in traditional medicine for preparation of infusions, broths. It is possible to dry cherry with stones (for use in the medical purposes) or without stone (for cookery).

For drying of cherry it is better to choose an open, solar place in a garden in the open air. The platform on which berries will dry, has to have a small bias to the South and be in such situation as much as possible to be warmed with the sun. The prepared berries sort by the size and stack on trellised pallets or special a sieve in one row. Leave to dry on the sun for some days. The term of drying depends on the size of berries and degree of their maturity. At a good sunny weather for drying it is enough of three – four days. If cherry dries without stone, drying time significantly increases (till 15 days).

When drying in an oven temperature is established within 55 – 60 degrees, in two hours raise to 70 – 80 and then again reduced to 50 – 60 degrees. All process of drying can borrow till seven o'clock. if cherry dries without stone, time of drying increases till 20 - 24 o'clock. during drying the door of an oven has to be slightly opened that cherry was not worn out at high humidity of hot air.
At correctly dried up cherry fruits dark-brown color with a reddish shade and sweet-sour taste. At compression fruits should not stick together and emit juice.