How to gather in a male stomach

How to gather in a male stomach

To the man can be aged difficult to gather in a stomach, and the reason not only in excess weight. The cause is there can be both an improper feeding, and a malposture, and, the main thing, lack of the trained muscles of a belly wall. For this reason you have to keep to a diet, develop a correct posture and carry out exercises on a press.

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Make, first of all, the program of food. Do not consume excess calories, try to reduce the diet approximately by 500 kcal a day. You also should exclude sweet drinks (coffee, tea with sugar, juice, sparkling water and so on). Use milk with low interest of liquid, green tea without sugar better. By the way, sweets need to be excluded not only in the liquid state: stop to eat chocolate, bakery products, fast food products, frozen and many other. If you want to indulge yourself with something tasty, replace habitual sweets with a fruit dessert or low-fat yogurt. Exclude fried dishes from the menu, do not forget about vegetable soups (one plate containing only 80 kcal will well satisfy hunger).


Develop a set of exercises which will be aimed at the whole group of various muscles of a stomach. Will help to strengthen, for example, the lower department of a press work as feet (the trunk has to remain motionless): their bending and straightening, lifting and lowering, and also circular and cross movements. Work not of feet, and a trunk will be able already to bring into a tone of a muscle of the top department (now feet have to be the motionless). Will help "to put" into operation the majority of muscles of an abdominal tension to you the simultaneous movements and feet, and a trunk. It should be notedIt should be noted that this option will be most effective, however, at first occupations it is not necessary to be overstrained and exceed a permissible load.


Pay attention that it is possible to reach the best results if to swing a press on an empty stomach (the organism which did not receive energy from the outside will begin to burn the available subcutaneous fat). Besides, it is better to do heavier exercises, but in smaller quantity, than to execute a set of lungs. It is worth carrying out training only at half strength only in case it is necessary for maintenance of a tone of muscles. If you need result, then it is necessary to give all the best for all hundred percent.