How to apply coloring shampoo

How to apply coloring shampoo

To add to dim hair gloss, to add a few bright, live shades, without damaging structure of a hair – functions of the coloring shampoos very popular among women of all age are that. Softly enveloping hair, coloring shampoo improves their color and appearance. The main thing – correctly and evenly to cause it.

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First of all, it is not necessary to confuse coloring shampoo to balm. The shampoo environment – alkaline, and at balm – acid. Shampoo not only paints, but also washes hair and therefore for maintenance of color you can use it every day, and here the main objective of balm – to treat, adding hair a little color.

Coloring shampoo needs to be applied always after the main washing of the head on clean moist hair (not wet, water should not flow down from them). It is better if before putting coloring shampoo you dry them slightly a towel or the hair dryer. It will provide better coloring.

Pay attention to inscriptions on shampoo packing. There are very concentrated compositions of shampoos, and many experts advise in that case them to part. Especially, if you have fair hair or you only want to improve their color, but not to change it considerably. Most carefully should handle coloring shampoos blondes and people with the injured hair (chemistry, frequent use of the hair dryer and laying means and so forth), after all painting hair in one color, you risk to receive absolutely another (for example, instead of the chocolate - bright red). That it did not happen, will better apply the divorced composition of shampoo on hair: 2-3 teaspoons of shampoo on liter of warm water. Also concentrated structure can be diluted with usual shampoo in a proportion 50 on 50, to apply on hair, to make foam and wash away warm water.

Coloring shampoo is applied directly on hair and distributed on all their length by means of foaming. Be not overzealous, rubbing it – you risk to paint head skin that will look not esthetically in roots of hair. Use a hairbrush, it is desirable a usual crest, but not a massage brush evenly to distribute means on all length of hair. It is possible to take structure some time on hair, so color will be brighter and saturated.

If after coloring shampoo use color did not suit you, it is not necessary to be upset, after all it will be washed away in some days. After that you will be able to try other means more suitable for your hair.