How to prepare porridge on water

How to prepare porridge on water
How to prepare porridge on water

"Eat a breakfast itself, the lunch is divided with the friend, give a dinner to the enemy." Remember such saying? It very precisely reflects what has to be the breakfast: it is the most energetically valuable meal for all day. From this point of view the porridge rich with high-quality proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and microcells, important for an organism, is an irreplaceable dish. Nutritionists recommend to cook porridge on water. And, if to apply the culinary imagination and creatively to approach process, porridge will turn out magnificent on the tastes.

The preparation time is required 21 minutes to you a pan, the filtered water, oat flakes (oat-flakes), salt, sugar or honey, dried fruits or fresh fruit candied fruits, milk butter or cream. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare Porridge on Water" How to prepare tasty porridge How to prepare oat-flakes How to prepare tasty porridge



Take the enameled pan suitable on volume. It is best of all to use ware with an antiprigarny covering. For a breakfast for two rather liter pan.


Prepare dried fruits (dried apricots, prunes, raisin, a fig, a quince). Carefully wash out them in hot water. Exempt from stones and dry branches. Small cut large berries.


Pour in a pan of the filtered water it is slightly less on volume, than the desirable volume of porridge. For two portions it is 0,5 liters. Bring to boiling.


Add some salt to water a little. If you the opponent of salt, it can be not put at all.


Take 2/3 glasses of oat flakes (oat-flakes) and gradually add them to the boiling water, constantly stirring slowly that lumps were not formed and porridge did not burn slightly.

Use usual oat-flakes, but not quickly razvarivayemy analogs - instant porridge are "much poorer" on the structure, oat-flakes keep useful properties of oats.


Bring porridge to boiling on average fire. Continue to stir slowly.


Leave on fire no more, than for 2-3 minutes as much as possible to keep natural useful qualities of oat-flakes. If you cook porridge for the baby, it (for the best assimilation by the child) needs to be razvarivat longer, within 8-10 minutes on weak fire.


Remove a pan from a plate.


Put dried fruits in porridge, sweeten with sugar or honey to taste, it is possible to add candied fruits in a small amount. As an alternative also fresh (seasonal) fruit and berries will approach.


Now cover a pan and leave porridge to pine in a warm place for 10 minutes. During this time oat flakes will steam out, and dried fruits or fresh berries (that you added) will give to a squash the juice and aroma.


The tasty porridge prepared on water is ready to the use. It is possible to give it on a table with butter, cream or warm milk at will.