How to congratulate on retirement

How to congratulate on retirement

Behind the back long labor years and enormous life experience, here time also came to receive congratulations on retirement. However not everyone is ready to reconcile to that tomorrow it is not necessary to hurry for work any more.

It is required to you

- gift;
- solemn speech;
- the computer with the Internet.

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Many newly made pensioners do not test special pleasure with finding of the new status. There is a feeling of the uselessness, boredom and loneliness. For others retirement is a new life, time of realization perfect other plans. At last it is possible to go quietly to numerous relatives, completely to devote itself to grandsons or to go to round-the-world travel. Irrespective of the fact which the person has a relation to the new status, congratulate him so that he felt, as at this time life can be saturated and bright.

Think up that - that original and interesting. Your task – to make so that the congratulation did not turn into traditional action with banal solemn speeches and delivery of useless gifts. Think over the scenario of a holiday. Elect leaders and assistants. Issue the room where event in the flowers or balloons that the hero of the occasion felt again will be held as in the childhood.

Think, write down to yourself the speech in which you will tell about what there lives a person, a focus of his interests. It will be more interesting if you prepare computer presentation with photos. Get interesting pictures, perhaps, you should have a talk with members of the family of the newly made pensioner. On presentation present it not in the person of the skilled worker, and as good grandfather, the father, the husband, the summer resident or the inveterate fisherman. It will give the chance to colleagues absolutely in a different way to look at the person whom, appear, they know all life.

Prepare the congratulatory speech (or find in the Internet), it is possible in a comic form. In it write how you kindly envy the found freedom of the pensioner, after all this best time to travel, learn the world, in plenty to be engaged in a favourite hobby.

Do not give not the necessary things which long time will become dusty in a case. If the person is fond of fishing, present him a spinning, sport – skis or the bicycle (depending on a sport), all life dreamed to travel – the tour (make sure available international passports).

Ask relatives to take active part in a congratulation of the pensioner. Help them with preparation, think up lyrics about dear person and music to it. It will be pleasant to everyone to hear sparking and kind words from close people.