How to make probros ports

How to make probros ports

At the organization of the house of a local network from several computers there can be a problem which is that you will not be able to get access to the ftp-servers working in the active mode. It is connected with that the local network has only one external ip-address which belongs to a router - the device which is used as a lock (the computer or a router). To rectify situation, do probros (readdressing, the redirection) ports. If as a lock you use a router, make the following:

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Enter settings of a router. For what in an address line of the browser enter its address, for example, After that you will see the router web interface with inquiry of login and the password. Often as those the word admin is used (specify in documentation of the device). Become authorized.


Set the rule of the redirection of ports. For what find the necessary page in settings of a router. In various models of routers it can have various name: Advanced - Port Forwarding, NAT Setting - Virtual Server or "Perenapravleniye of ports"


Enter a name of the computer or its ip-address, range of ports in the table, choose the protocol. The Ip-address can be learned having gathered ipconfig in a command line (the Start-up button - to Execute, enter cmd). Keep changes. Make reset of a router.