How to learn information on the video file

How to learn information on the video file

Sometimes it is required to know information on video loaded on file exchange services. By means of some video players it is possible to receive it in a convenient look. For this purpose it is necessary to open only the file in the program.

It is required to you

- Media Player Classic;
- Video Inspector;
- Light Alloy;
- VLC Media Player.

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Media Player Classic - one of the players which are most extended by multimedia, enjoys wide popularity at hundreds of thousands of users for simplicity and a free access. It is delivered complete with a set of K-Lite Codec Pack codecs. After installation of codecs start Media Player Classic: press the Start-up menu, select the All Programs item, find the section K-Lite Codec Pack and left-click on a player label.


For opening of any file it is necessary to press the File menu and to select the Open item. Find the file in the opened window, allocate it and press the Open button.


Press once again the File menu and select the Properties item. On the Details tab you will find required these (lines video and audio).


Video Inspector. After installation of this program double click on a program label. In the main window of the utility press the Review button. Find the file and press the Open button. In a window of the program it is possible to see detailed information (sections of video and audio).


It is possible to refer ability to features of this program not only to display data on the video file, but also to point to codecs which is not enough for viewing of this movie.


Light Alloy. For work with this player DirectX of the 9th version need to be established. By means of this player to receive information on the video file as easy as shelling pears. After start of the utility press the Play button – before you there will be a window for a movie choice, find suitable and press the Open button (reproduction will begin automatically).


In the main window of the program pay attention to the lower line with function keys, press the Information button (the image of the English letter "i"). Before you there will be an Information on the File window in which any line can be copied.


VLC Media Player. After installation and start of this program it is necessary to open the video file and to press the View menu, then to select the Stream and Media info item. In the opened window of the same name you can see detailed information on the movie started in this player.