How to prepare a souffle with macaroni and cheese?

How to prepare a souffle with macaroni and cheese?
From usual macaroni it is possible to prepare almost a delicacy – a gentle souffle with creamy sauce and cheese. Sauce with which macaroni is filled in, becomes on the basis of grain crumbs so there is an excellent opportunity to attach them in business.

That is required for preparation

Glass of grain crumbs
Glass of dry macaroni
One and a half glasses of grated cheddar cheese (or similar to taste)
One and a half glasses of milk
Small slice of butter
Three eggs
Small bulb
Parsley bunch
Salt to taste


In big ware zakipyatit milk as soon as it starts rising, remove it from fire. At once fill up grain crumbs and mix. Wait so far crumbs will soften.

Grate cheese on a large grater and add to hot milk with crumbs. Cover a pan, wait so far cheese will thaw.

Boil macaroni (it is better small) almost to readiness in subsalty water. Wash out and add to cheese mix.

Small chop onions or grate. Crush greens. Kindle butter, shake up egg. Add all components to macaroni and well mix.

Oil a baking dish, lay out macaroni and put in an oven. At a temperature of 180 degrees macaroni is baked 30-40 minutes to a ruddy crust. Bon appetit!