How to make popcorn with caramel

How to make popcorn with caramel
How to make popcorn with caramel

Since the childhood taste of popcorn is familiar to all of us. Most often it is sold on holidays, at the sea and at movie theaters. Popcorn is snack which is loved equally both adults, and children. Popcorn or blowing up, popcorn is the only type of grain which when heating bursts. Grains of popcorn explode because each kernel contains a small amount of water. When grain heats up, water evaporates. In popcorn high content of cellulose, so, it improves activity of a digestive tract and reduces cholesterol level in blood. To diversify tastes of this product, use different food additives. One love exclusively salty popcorn, others sweet. Surprises not only a variety of tastes, but also a range of flowers. Children like to eat multi-colored sweet popcorn more. To please the members of household, it is possible to prepare popcorn and in house conditions.

The preparation time of 32 minutes is required to you popcorn (8 Art.); sugar usual (3/4 Art.); sugar brown (3/4 Art.); corn syrup (1/2 Art.); water (1/2 Art.); vinegar (1 tsp); salt (1/4 tsps); butter (3/4 Art.). The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Make Popcorn with Caramel" How to make caramel of sugar How to prepare sweet popcorn How to do sugar candies of sugar



Take a pan, put in it sugar, corn syrup, water, vinegar and salt. Mix everything to homogeneous mass.


Put a pan on gas. Heat contents on average fire to boiling. Constantly stir slowly. Cook until temperature does not reach 260 degrees.


Make fire more silent. Add butter to weight. Continue to stir slowly.


Then take ready popcorn and add it to the turned-out caramel. Continue to stir slowly until popcorn does not become covered by a caramel crust.


Take a baking sheet, put on it folgirovanny paper. Spread out the turned-out sweet a thin layer on a baking sheet and cool. Popcorn with caramel is ready!