How to issue article

How to issue article

Easy to write article, but it is correct to issue it that it was easily perceived and pleased a look of readers, sometimes it is much more difficult.

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There are some simple rules helping to issue correctly article. If you follow them, subscribers with pleasure will read your creation and will remain not simply happy read – they will come back to your records again and again:

First of all before starting making out article, try to add to it the image. Such procedure will take only some minutes. The purpose of the picture or photo - to induce the reader to continue viewing of article after acquaintance with text heading. It is recommended to use one picture in article, and to insert it right at the beginning; but if your article has large volume, it is possible to add some more pictures to key places of the story. Existence of grammatical mistakes becomes the most important problem of any article usually. Without checking article for grammatical mistakes, you show the incompetence; besides, such mistakes very strongly confuse beginners and irritate professional readers. On the basis of mistakes there is very bad feeling, both about article, and about the author which this text wrote. Therefore before the publication be not too lazy to check the written article for existence of grammatical mistakes. Texts need to be divided into paragraphs. It becomes in order that your article was easily read. The text is divided into paragraphs through each five-six lines. Besides, article is divided into paragraphs from the esthetic point of view – the text written with paragraphs looks much better, than continuous. It is necessary to highlight the main ideas or keywords in bold type. Such reception will help to focus attention of your reader on necessary thought which you try to inform to it. Do not write with very long offers. Take for the rule to write no more than fifteen – twenty words in one offer. For example, if the person reads aloud, that, reading up up to the end too long offer, he can simply forget its beginning.

If you correctly issue article and will apply some simple rules given above, number of your customers or readers of your blog not only will not decrease – it will become more several times. Provide to the reader convenient and comfortable pastime in the discourse created by you, and you will see that he will return the favor.