How to adjust the digital TV

How to adjust the digital TV

Today more and more the countries of the world pass to digital television. If you have an opportunity to watch digital television already today – you were lucky. Your main task consists in adjusting the home TV on acceptance of digital channels. If the TV in the house non-numerical, upon transition to a digital broadcasting he ceases to receive analog signals. In the presence of the digital TV it will be necessary to carry out its change-over and to choose a new set of channels. Your favourite cable and satellite channels thus will not suffer.

It is required to you

The cable digital television tuner with a cable, a remote control and a connecting RCA audio-video cable.

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Setup of the digital TV for reception of the respective canals consists in change of indicators in the digital tuner of your TV. The tuner is necessary for decoding of digital TV channels for viewing in the TV. Manipulations will be a little, you will consult.


Let's begin with that you need to take out cable TV the tuner from packing and to check its integrity. Insert pair of AA batteries in the correct polarity into a remote control. Connect a cable from the antenna: on its end is blooming or the wound F-type socket to RF-in (Ant-in) which needs to be fixed to an entrance of the switching panel that is located on back part of the television tuner.


Carry out connection of RCA of audio-video of a cable between the TV and the tuner. Connection to the tuner and sockets of the TV needs to be carried out according to color marking. Now it is necessary to turn on the TV and the digital tuner, having switched the necessary entrance, for example to TV/AV.


Choose the Menu block, then the section "Avtopoisk of Channels" and "OK" on the tuner TV panel. Your tuner at once will begin search of channels. When automatic search ends, you will see the list of the found channels on the screen. Once again press "OK" on the DU panel. To leave "The main menu", find the cursor a line "Way out" and "OK" or press the Exit button ("Exit") on a remote control. TV the tuner will highlight number of the channel on the front panel.


It is possible to look for channels manually: choose the subsection "Manual Search of Channels" in "Menu". The Dump Channels function - will remove all previous settings of channels. It is possible to sort still channels, to group lists or to transfer the channel to other number. It becomes through the option "Sort Channels". Confirm each innovation with the OK button.


If you wishIf you wish to watch electronic program schedules (EPG), press the EPG button on the panel. The screen will show 2 lists: above - the list of channels, below - the list of transfers for the chosen channel. For movement according to the list use buttons of management on the panel "up" "down". For an exit from the EPG menu "Exit" should press on a remote control.