How to make a frog of paper

How to make a frog of paper

Hand-made articles from paper or origami, are popular among people, and some of them are engaged in it professionally. Also the origami can be used for development of children, doing them by more creative. At children, one of favourite paper figures are animals. Especially, if in them there is something original that draws their attention.

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Here one of examples of entertaining and easy origami — a frog which feature is that she can jump. To make a frog of paper it is necessary to follow the following step-by-step instruction.


Take a square leaflet of any size and put it in half. Turn the turned-out rectangle so that its line of a bend was on the right. Plan the line in the middle, having bent and having unbent a rectangle. On the top square note diagonals and the line halving it that the dagger with the line in the middle turned out. And, to plan the average line, it is necessary to unbend a half of a square back in order that it was easier to take the following step. Now, using all planned lines, on the top part of a rectangle, from a square put a figure under the name "double triangle". For this purpose it is necessary to put at the same time all lines so that sidelines were bent to themselves, and a diagonal — from themselves. Put in half the lower square that its curved edge adjoined to the lower party of a triangle. Bend lateral faces of the rectangle which turned out below to the middle, slightly without reaching it. Once again bend the lower part in half. Now it is necessary to be attentive, bend the top corners of the lower rectangle to the middle, and then pull for them so that the lower part resembled the boat. Lower the turned-out ends of the boat down, and unbend their tips in the parties. On the top triangle, lift the ends upward. Lift the lower part with pads upward and bend the same part in half that pads again looked down. Turn a frog. Press a ledge and release so that she jumped.


You can show the creativity, for example, having added it eyes. Also, it is possible to arrange competitions, such as long jumps — it is only worth using the imagination, and boring evening will turn into fascinating game. It is one of many options suggesting to make a frog of paper, but this way is simple, original and will please many people.