How to enter candles

How to enter candles

Diseases of a rectum and kishechno a gastric path, it is very unpleasant diseases. They bring a huge number of discomfort, pain and inconvenience. Treatment occupies a lot of time and has peculiar specifics.

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One of the most effective methods of treatment of violations in intestines covers, is use of rectal candles. The prospect, perhaps not pleasant, however its efficiency is not debatable. Besides, rectal anti-inflammatory and bactericidal candles are appointed for prevention.

To face such appointment, for some becomes difficult test. The majority is not represented simply as it is correct to enter candles and to ask about something similar even the attending physician hesitate. The detailed instruction in this respect will hardly damage to someone.

Correctly to enter candles, it is necessary to accept for this purpose the corresponding pose. Options can be a little. Everything depends on a condition of the patient and on his physical capacities. The knee and elbow pose is ordered. However not everyone will be able to accept it. Therefore we will allow option, lying with the high-raised feet, lying on one side with the feet bent in knees and lying with the roller under a sacrum.

The anatomic form of a candle is thought over and convenient as far as it in general is possible. It is necessary to enter a candle the pointed end. The minimum of depth on which it is necessary to enter a candle, is forefinger length. If you have problems with a sigmovidny shoot or thin department of intestines, it is better to enter a candle more deeply.

After all instructions are executed, it is necessary to sustain in an initial pose of 20-30 minutes. During this time, the candle will thaw and the discomfort will leave. Actually, the discomfort will leave earlier, but instructions to a preparation say that so it is better and quicker soaked up by rectum walls.

It is very important to treat procedure, as treatment. If you relax, it considerably will facilitate your fate and procedure will take place with smaller discomfort for you.

Treatment by means of candles extremely effectively. Resort to it in case of acute inflammations, hemorrhoids, colitis, stomach ulcers, and some venereal diseases. The main thing, it normally to belong to a situation and all horror will vanish.

Remember that it is necessary to use similar means according to doctor's instructions, otherwise they can seriously do much harm. On ignorance it is possible to damage mucous that will cause a number of much more unpleasant problems.