How to prepare the duck stuffed with rice

How to prepare the duck stuffed with rice
How to prepare the duck stuffed with rice

Now it is possible to find a duck in sale. It is enough to come into a nearby supermarket and you will be able to please guests with a refined appetizing dish. The duck is perfectly combined with many products. Therefore stuffings for a farshirovaniye of a duck carcass a set. At a choice of "forcemeat" consider that this bird is sufficient the fat. Perfectly rice, vegetables, buckwheat, sour berries and fruit, a citrus and dried fruits will approach. You can connect some products for a stuffing. For example, rice and dried fruits. And if you add a bird dish with suitable sauce, the culinary success is guaranteed to you.

The preparation time of 22 minutes is required to you a duck; giblets duck (heart liver stomach); 1-1,5 Art. of rice; salt chili powder; coriander of basilicas dried; 3 garlic gloves; 1-2 bulbs; greens of parsley and fennel; vegetable oil for frying; 100 ml. white dry wine; 50 gr. prunes; 50 gr. raisin. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare the Duck Stuffed with Rice" How to bake a duck tasty How to prepare a duck with rice How to prepare forcemeat balls


Defreeze a duck. It is better to do it in the refrigerator. Carefully wash up and cut out giblets. Do not throw out them, will be useful for a stuffing (rice with giblets). Near a tail cut out a sebaceous gland that at preparation the specific smell was not shown.

Accurately cut out a neck, but leave skin round it. Well wash up carcass inside. Scald boiled water all duck, repeat 2-3 times.

Rub a bird inside and outside with mix of spices – salt, pepper red ground, a coriander, a basil and garlic. Clean in a cool place for 1-1,5 hours.

Wash out rice. Cut small giblets (a liver, a stomach, heart), add to rice. Boil everything to semi-readiness of grain in the added some salt water. Rice has to remain friable. Cast away on a colander that water flew down.

Crush onions and garlic. Slightly extinguish in vegetable oil. Add the cut parsley and it is a little chili powder, well stir and add to rice with giblets.

Wash out dried fruits. Fill in them with hot water and let's steam out a little. After prunes crush. Add weight from dried fruits to a stuffing and carefully mix.

Stuff a carcass with the prepared mix. It is not necessary to condense strongly since rice will a little more extend.

Sew up a duck with threads or pin up toothpicks so that the stuffing in process did not leave a paunch. Tie paws and wings and wrap up a foil that they did not burn.

Place the filled bird in an utyatnitsa. Warm an oven to 200-220 degrees of C. Put a vessel on a lattice, and under it establish a baking sheet.

Water a duck with the allocated juice, begin in 30 minutes after moved away the stuffed bird in an oven. 11 Overturn periodically a carcass with a side sideways. Thus puncture with a side fork that juice was emitted. 12 Train her about 2-2,5 hours. After juice becomes transparent, the duck is ready. Get it and water with white dry wine. After place back in an oven for 15-20 minutes. 13 Before giving on a table remove a foil and threads. Strew with greens and scissor kitchen for the portion. Accurately take out a stuffing and place on the same dish, as pieces of a duck.