How to increase the avatar size

How to increase the avatar size

Let's assume, you found an avatar which fully captures the essence of your inconsistent nature, but met a small obstacle – it appeared too small dimensions. And if to look for larger version the desire is absent, it is possible to solve this problem by means of Adobe Photoshop.

It is required to you

- Adobe Photoshop

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Start the Adobe Photoshop program and open in it an avatar: press point of the File menu (File)> "to Open" (Open) or click on Ctrl+O hotkeys. In the following window choose the file and press Apprx. the Picture will appear in working area of the program.


Cause the Image Size window (Image size). It is possible to make it in the different ways. The first – click point of the Image menu (Image)> "The image size" (Image size). The second – press a combination of the Ctrl+Alt+I keys. In the appeared menu you have to are interested in the section "Dimension" (Pixel dimensions), and that is in it, i.e. the Width points (Width) and "Height" (Height) is concrete. At the moment in them parameters of the open document, i.e. an avatar are specified.


Click one of drop-down menus which are to the right of the fields "Width" and "Height". With their help it is possible to change units of measure – pixels (pixels) or percent (percent).


Pay attention to the lower part of a window, there are at least two points interesting you. The first – "To keep proportions" (Constrain proportions) if near it point is costed by a tick, the image will not lose harmony under no circumstances. That this point is activated, also existence of an emblem in the form of a square skobochka and a chain to the right of the fields "Width" and "Height" will mean. To the second – "Interpolation" (Resample image), deliver near it a tick, and in a drop-down menu which is below, choose "Bicubic, is more smooth (the best for increase)" (Bicubic smoother (best for enlargement)).


Establish necessary sizes in the fields "Width" and "Height" and press Apprx. the Image will increase. To keep result, click point of the File menu (File)> "To keep as" (Save as) or click a combination of the Ctrl+Shift+S keys. Specify a way for the increased avatar in a new window, his name, a necessary format and press "to Keep".