How to make snowshoes

How to make snowshoes

Skis – piece, of course, very convenient. But it is not always possible to afford them. More compact way out are snowshoes. And to make most the simplest of them it is possible from couple of thin boards.

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Boards for snowshoes have to be approximately twice more than length of a foot and are three times more than width it. It is possible to attach snowshoes to a foot as follows: at first we fix the lower loop so that the foot was on the middle of a board. We take away two ropes or tapes from two parties of a loop. The foot will also be twisted with them at an ankle.


Material will be suitable for production of snowshoes the different. It is possible to use even bochonochny klepk. Two such klepka on one snowshoe need to be taken and connected a twine or a level. And here if to take a back of a simple Vienna chair, from it convenient snowshoes will turn out very much even. The bottom of a wattled basket too can be used.


If such materials are not present, it is possible to descend in the wood and to break branches. Couple of branches of a bird cherry or a mountain ash 120 cm long and with a diameter of 2-3 cm needs to be brought under and strong to connect. The frame on which we will connect then a grid will turn out at us as it is possible more small from thinner branches. And even better two same branches, but since one end the curved will be suitable for snowshoes. Then they can be put on the earth in parallel the friend the friend that curved tips lay nearby and looked up. Let's insert between branches couple of struts of 30 cm of length now, and we will connect the ends of branches together. Such snowshoes are very similar to skis and during snow do not fail.


To connect among themselves branches and to spin a grid it is possible in several ways. If the branch bends well, it perfectly will be suitable for a snowshoe frame. It is possible to connect it in a ring, and it is possible to bind by means of ropes or belts. The network for a snowshoe can be done not only of thin rods, but also of a rope. Such rope is passed through through holes which are drilled in a frame. But it is possible a rope and it is simple to bind. In this case we do notches on a frame that the rope did not come off.