How to learn to go by mountain skiing

How to learn to go by mountain skiing

To learn to ride mountain skiing absolutely simply. For beginners the most important - not to be afraid of failures. As well as in any business to become the professional, it is necessary to train persistently. But at first it is necessary to master technology of driving.

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For a start it is necessary to acquire the corresponding stock. You should not be frightened heavy alpine skiing boots which first can seem the inconvenient. After all in them the accuracy and smoothness of your actions at the movement is concentrated on skis. Boots have to be comfortable and well clasped on a foot. It is necessary to use a helmet for protection of the head.


Ability to hold a rack is required for good driving. For a start learn to stand simply on skis both feet and alternately on everyone, after all to hold balance - the main thing for driving. At you feet in knees have to be bent a slega, hands together with sticks have to be bent in a corner of 90 degrees and are slightly divorced. Only when you will catch balance, try to slide on the most flat descent, holding skis at small distance from each other (20 cm).


Get up across a slope and try a skid, inclining both knees towards a slope, to move down a little. Watch that both feet moved together. If it at you turns out, pass to turns.


To execute the first turn, you need to incline smoothly both feet and a basin in one party, having slightly pressed on both skis at the same time. The body thus has to bend slightly forward and to the opposite side of turn. Pressure upon skis during flat descent has to be small. At the correct movements both skis together with you have to make small turn. After that you need to return to an initial rack and to execute turn in an opposite direction the smooth pressure upon skis and an inclination of feet and a basin in other party. Skis have to obey actions of feet accurately.


Most important rule of falling: for safety it is necessary to fall only sideways, by no means back, forward. Thus not to relax a body.