What is the ecotourism?

What is the ecotourism?
Recently travel and cruises gained a bit different character. Instead of beaches and discos people go to the most dream places of our planet to touch untouched pearls of the nature.

The ecotourism provides communication with natural environment: the reserves and wildlife areas determined by types of plants or animals. Traveling in reserved places, the person to learn to love the nature, to protect its riches and to appreciate world resources.

Participation in ecotours provides performance of three main principles:

1) Acquaintance to wildlife, data of all negative consequences of communication to a minimum;

2) Active assistance to protection of a local sotsiokultura and natural riches;

3) Ecological education, participation in development of the country, exchange of experience.

The geography of ecotourism is rich and includes some key countries: China, Kenya, Laos, Tanzania, Republic of South Africa, India, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nepal, New Zealand, etc. The European countries and the USA can brag of excellent national parks. Tourists visit Christian shrines, admire mountain falls, are loaded with cheerfulness and energy in mineral sources.