How to receive the cash card in Sberbank

How to receive the cash card in Sberbank

Feature of obtaining the map of Sberbank that this credit institution limits their delivery to a place of a registration of the client. For the rest procedure of registration of the called product same, as well as in any other bank. From the client visit to office and the passport is required.

It is required to you

- passport;
- money for the first contribution (not in all cases);
- pen.

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Choose type of the card which are going to open. Along with products of known international Visa and MasterCard systems Sberbank Sberkart offers, for example, own system. However in general it is less popular with clients owing to limited opportunities of application.
You can receive the main information on the interesting types of cards, tariffs for their service and delivery conditions on the site of Sberbank (do not forget to choose the region as tariffs in different districts can differ) or at the consultant directly in office.


Visit the branch of the bank with the passport and in the presence of a condition of the first contribution on the sum, chosen the card sufficient for it.
The Savings Bank without problems opens cards for those who is registered in a zone of service of concrete office. In other cases the decision is made by the head of office who can refuse.
Report about the desire to open the card for the operator, call type and a class of the product interesting you. If did not make the decision yet, ask it about additional consultation, ask the questions interesting you.


The operator on the basis of data in your passport will make the contract and other necessary papers and will suggest you them to sign. Attentively read them, especially if make out a credit card before putting the list.
If conditions of issue of the map assume the first contribution, give the necessary sum to the operator. In some offices for this purpose it is necessary to defend separate turn in cash desk. At desire you can make one card more minimum payment at once.


Having accepted at you documents, the operator will report when you are able to visit again office to take away the ready card. At this visit you need also to have at yourself the passport.