How to make a lasso

How to make a lasso

Lasso – from Spanish "loop", "lasso", "лариат" a rope with the loop tied on one end. The loop represents the sliding knot capable to be pulled together or be tightened. The lasso is considered attribute of the American cowboys. There are some ways to stick a lasso, the most widespread knots – Flemish and "Honda". For setting of each of them only the rope of suitable length (from 3 m and more) and durabilities is necessary.

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Put a rope. Fold one end double on a third, then wrap a double rope "eight", as shown in an illustration.


Stretch the dual end through a loop in top of the received design. Tighten a lasso. It is ready.


It is even simpler to tie a lasso in the Honda hub. Tie one hard knot approximately on a rope tip (about 30 cm from the end) and one free approximately on a third of length of a rope of the first knot.


Through a free loop of the second knot spend the tied end of a rope. Tighten a lasso.