How to return medicine

How to return medicine

In 1998 the Government of the Russian Federation decided that return and an exchange of medicines to a drugstore is impossible. In 2005 Ministry of health and social development issued the relevant order at No. 785. But thus there is a reservation - "the goods have to possess appropriate quality". Proceeding from it after all there is a chance to return medicine to a drugstore. Only it is necessary to know in what cases it perhaps.

It is required to you

- Medicine;
- packing;
- instruction;
- witness;
- the conclusion from the doctor;
- visitors book;
- information stand.

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It is possible to return medicine to a drugstore if you found shortcomings. Treat them:
- absence of the instruction;
- the expired expiration date;
- discrepancy of appearance of medicine and the description of its characteristics in the instruction;
- marriage in packing;
- defects in markings;
- discrepancy of an expiration date (series) between primary (a tuba, a bottle, an ampoule) and secondary packings (cardboard).

At detection of any listed shortcoming carry medicine in a drugstore, ask to change on similar or to return money.

If your request was not granted, refer to the law "About Consumer Protection", article 18. In any drugstore there has to be an information stand, take the copy of this law and acquaint with it the druggist.

At further refusal of your request ask to call zavedushchy a drugstore or his deputy. Explain him everything detailed. Tell that address to Rospotrebnadzor.

Demand the visitors book, write the data (a full name and the address) and an essence of the created situation. Specify that if within 5 days your request will not be granted - you appeal to court with the statement of claim.

Surely copy these drugstores from the stand: name, address, head's full name, phone number of Rospotrebnadzor. You show these that are ready to go all the way in case of refusal.

If medicine of appropriate quality, you are able to return it to a drugstore only in case of a mistake of the druggist. For example, you should buy medical ointment, and distances - cream. In this case right there ask to exchange medicine. And the recipe of the doctor or the witness can become confirmation of your correctness.

Upon purchase of medicine without recipe you have to be consulted about contraindications. Often druggists recommend a preparation, speaking about its safety. Houses the client finds out that he cannot apply this means. In that case you can exchange a preparation in a drugstore in the presence of the corresponding conclusion from the attending physician and the witness. Thus, in this case it will be difficult for you to exchange medicine.