How to increase the capacity of the channel of the Internet

How to increase the capacity of the channel of the Internet

Sometimes for increase in capacity it is enough to optimize the Windows settings. In particular, it is possible to reduce the value of capacity which is marked out with an operating system in a reserve. Reservation is carried out by the dispatcher of packages of equipment "Group policy".

It is required to you

- the computer with Windows XP system;
- editor of group policy.

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Start the editor of group policy (Pusk-Vypolnit-gpedit.msc). In the appeared equipment choose the Computer Configuration hub, then develop the Administrative Templates hub. Find object in the Network hub "The dispatcher of QoS packages".


In the right window of object open "Limit the Reserved Capacity" property. By default this policy is not set. In this case the system reserves 20% of capacity of connection.


On the Parameter tab select item "Is included". Set restriction of the volume of 0%. Press the Apply button, then – OK. At a task in the register of restriction of capacity for the concrete network adapter the group policy at setup of the adapter is ignored.


Carry out the analysis of the reasons of an overload of an Internet channel. Allocate a constant traffic which use various multimedia applications for work in real time. As a rule, this traffic has the minimum value. Limit its use.


Contact provider of the Internet and pass to the new tariff plan providing use of the channel with a bigger capacity.