As with advantage to spend days off

As with advantage to spend days off

It is necessary to be able not work, but also to have a rest. Dullly spent days off can spoil to you mood for all week therefore it is better to plan a week-end taking into account your tastes and preferences in advance.

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Go to have a rest on the nature. You can go to giving, go to the wood or to the next reservoir. In the winter if it is not too cold, too it is necessary to come for walk, at least in the next park. The best option - active recreation. Walk on skis in the winter or give a ride to children on a sledge. Play water sports in the summer, play a ball or badminton. Remember about a tag and a hide-and-seek - such games will delight children and they will be pleasant to adults. If you prefer quieter rest, organize picnic with a family or friends. The main thing - not to abuse alcohol not to begin working week with problems with health.

Meet friends. It is for this purpose best of all to agree in advance. It is possible to prepare an entertainment at home, together to descend in cafe or on an exhibition. Try to choose a place, the most convenient for communication and interesting to all participants of a meeting.

Devote part of time to a family. It can be a trip to parents, a romantic dinner with the husband or some hours for communication with children. This time is very important as within a week many people living together meet only in the evening and for a short time, filled with household chores.

Allocate time for the cultural development. Descend in theater or on a concert. Thus it is best of all to take with the person to whom it is really interesting, or at all to go alone. If you have no time for such full issue, start reading the new book which was postponed long because of a lack of time.

Do household chores. Thus it is not necessary to turn all days off into one continuous clear-out. It is better to divide affairs into some stages - for example, in one week it is possible to devote a couple of hours to windows - to wash up them and to wash all curtains. The next week to be engaged in kitchen - to wash spots from a plate and mixers which hands, etc. long did not reach. It is also possible to attract to the help and house - you are not obliged to care of the house alone.

Devote part of the day off to care of appearance. Saturday or Sunday - good time for a campaign in a hairdressing salon or to the cosmetologist. A lot of things can be made also at home, for example, a nutritious face pack or processing of a body a srub.