How to make a tulip

How to make a tulip

Undoubtedly, the most gentle, brightest, most cheerful spring flowers are tulips. They will be able to emphasize the bride's charm, to warm soul of the elderly person, to cause pleasure tears at birthday of mother, to light up gentle light any memorable event and simply any day in a year. And the tulip made the hands by means of Japanese equipment of origami will become especially pleasant surprise for the loved one.

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To make a tulip of paper, only the blank sheet is necessary. One of its corners should be connected to the party of a leaf opposite to it. The square folded double will turn out. The remained strip of paper needs to be cut off scissors. Both parts of a leaf will be useful for production of a tulip from paper: both a square, and the remained strip.


It is necessary to bend a square in half 2 times on a diagonal. Thus it will be divided on 4 triangle, identical in size. 2 from them it is necessary to put together so that other couple of triangles was bent in a figure. Further it is necessary to smooth well turned-out bends.


Now the left corner of the top part of a figure should be connected to its top. The same needs to be made and with the right corner.


Further the turned-out figure needs to be turned the lower party upward. Then to connect 2 corners of a triangle to its top and properly to iron all bends. The figure reminding a rhombus has to turn out.


Now the left top triangle which is a part of a rhombus it is necessary to perelistnut on the right top triangle, and right lower – on left lower. As a result the figure which is still reminding a rhombus turns out.


Then the left top side of a rhombus should be connected to the middle line of a figure. The right side needs also to be bent to the middle line, but the part it has to go to the formed left pocket.


The turned-out figure it is necessary to turn and do the same with its lower part.


Now the figure needs to give volume. For this purpose it is necessary to inflate it through the lower opening formed as a result of paper folding.


It is necessary only to unbend flower petals. The bud of a tulip is ready.


Further it is necessary to take the strip of paper which remained initially and to make of it a tulip stalk method of twisting of the strip.


Now the turned-out tubule should be inserted into an opening in the lower part of a bud of a flower.


The tulip from paper is ready.