What means if the naprstok dreams?

What means if the naprstok dreams?
If the dream in which you when sewing use a thimble dreamed you - such dream means that shortly you will appear for other people such person who can make happy, bring joy. And it is honourable "position", agree! Pay attention to all casual, provided opportunities to make it.

If in your dream you happened to see a thimble on the woman's hand - foretells you shortly commission of some serious act.

The dream in which you lost a thimble is adverse - such dream usually dreams to future sad events, poverty, need and poverty.

If the old thimble dreamed you, ugly and spoiled is a dream prevention. Be reasonable in the behavior, differently you will lose in some business, important for you.

And here if you see a new thimble, buy it or to you presented a thimble as a gift - such dream promises you a pleasant environment of remarkable people and satisfaction from communication with them, pleasure of friendship.

If you dream a thimble with the closed opening, and you try to dress it - such dream warns you oglobalny unpleasant events and only your friends will manage to prevent harmful and serious consequences of bad changes.