How to load the photo from the mobile phone

How to load the photo from the mobile phone

The modern mobile phone can be used not only as a means of communication, but also as the camera. Yes, it is indisputable, this function is very convenient, especially if quality of the received photos suits you, but before you there can be a question how to throw off files on the computer.

It is required to you

- USB cord;
- kartrider;
- Bluetooth-adapter.

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First of all upon purchase of the mobile phone learn, whether there is an USB cable in a set. By means of this cord you without problems will throw any files on the computer or the laptop. There are devices for which drivers are required. Therefore upon purchase of an USB cable specify this nuance.

Having connected the mobile phone by means of a special cable, you will see the opened conductor which will indicate the connected memory on the monitor. Open that folder in which you have pictures after that simply copy them in memory of the computer. By means of this device you will be able not only to copy files in the computer, but also from the computer to transfer them to the mobile phone.

If you have a laptop with the built-in Bluetooth module, you can transmit photos through it. For this purpose activate the module both on the computer, and on phone. Choose the necessary files in phone, having noted ticks. Press the Transfer through Bluetooth function. Find the active device (computer) and connect them.

If you have no laptop, you can move photos via the computer, but for this purpose you need the Bluetooth-adapter, you can get it in cellular shop or in shop of office equipment.

You can transfer photos by means of the special device which the card reader is called. If you got the external card reader, it will be necessary to connect it through an USB cord. Therefore it is expedient to buy the internal device.

And the last method by means of which you can move photos is to send them by means of the mobile Internet to the e-mail. Having come into it from the computer, you will need to save files simply. This way is rather inconvenient as when loading files you pay for a traffic.