How to issue loan repayment

How to issue loan repayment

It is correct to issue the loan agreement – only a half put. In order that there were no disagreements and unforeseen situations between the borrower and the lessor, it is necessary to fix accurately on paper and process of loan repayment. There are some ways by means of which it is possible to reflect and confirm return of money according to the loan agreement.

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If the loan sum (and the sum of percent on a loan) comes back lump integral sum, the lessor has to issue to the borrower the receipt that the sum of a loan is returned. It is necessary to specify in the receipt whom and to whom money is transferred, to specify passport data of the parties, their addresses, to refer to the document according to which the loan repayment is carried out. The more data will contain the text of the receipt, the it will be easier to prove to the third parties that return of money is carried out to the appropriate person and in the volume satisfying terms of the contract of a loan.


If there was such need, it is possible to attract as witnesses of the third parties who will confirm the fact of transfer of money and volume of the transferred sum of money, having put in the receipt the signature and having specified personal data.


The loan repayment can be issued and in the form of the delivery-acceptance certificate of money. Such act will be an integral part of the loan agreement. It is necessary to specify in the act, whom, to whom when and in what volume the sum was transferred to performance of obligations under the contract (and it is accepted). It is necessary to specify by separate point that the parties have no claims to each other.


If return of the sum of a loan is carried out by parts during the certain period of time, as the annex to the loan agreement it is possible to make the schedule of payments. The parties can agree that at transfer of each part of the sum of a loan the receipt or the delivery-acceptance certificate of money will be drawn up.


It is also possible to make the table in which by each transfer of money date of return of part of a loan and the size of the returned sum will be entered. It is necessary to provide a column for which the creditor will undersign every time when receiving the next part of the sum of a loan.